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Case Study 1: E-commerce / Multisite / Membership Website

Client: Incredible Crush Volleyball 

Objective: Incredible Crush Volleyball wanted to have a booking system for coach and class reservations and a membership feature for their academy, leagues, and camps.


Conducted a detailed analysis of Incredible Crush Volleyball’s requirements, including the types of bookings, membership levels, and payment options. Designed a user-friendly website interface with intuitive navigation, highlighting the various services offered.

Developed a customized booking system that allowed users to reserve coaches and classes based on availability and provided automated notifications. Implemented a membership feature with different tiers, benefits, and renewal options, allowing users to access exclusive content and discounts. Integrated secure payment gateways and incorporated a user-friendly dashboard for managing bookings and memberships.


Streamlined the coach and class reservation process, resulting in a 30% increase in bookings. Increased customer satisfaction through a seamless membership experience, leading to a 20% retention rate among members. Improved overall website engagement and customer loyalty.

Case Study 2: Responsive Website for a Local Service Business

Client: Garcia Kitchens

Objective: Garcia Kitchens, a kitchen and bathroom renovations expert, wanted to establish an online presence and generate leads through their website.


Conducted market research to understand the target audience’s preferences and needs when looking for kitchen and bathroom renovation services. Collaborated closely with Garcia Kitchens to showcase their portfolio, testimonials, and unique selling points effectively.

Designed a visually appealing and responsive website with high-quality images, highlighting before and after renovation projects. Implemented clear calls-to-action and contact forms strategically throughout the website to encourage lead generation. Optimized the website for search engines, targeting relevant keywords and implementing local SEO strategies.


Increased website traffic by 40% within the first two months of launch. Generated a steady flow of leads through the website, resulting in a 25% increase in conversions. Established Garcia Kitchens as a reputable and reliable local service provider, leading to a higher number of referrals.

Case Study 3: Content Management System (CMS) Implementation

Client: The Patriot Cleaners

Objective: The Patriot Cleaners needed a scalable and user-friendly CMS to manage their large portfolio of client websites.


Conducted a comprehensive assessment of The Patriot Cleaners’ requirements, considering factors like the number of websites, content management needs, and team collaboration. Recommended and implemented a robust CMS solution that allowed easy website creation, content updates, and centralized management.

Customized the CMS to align with The Patriot Cleaners’ branding and integrated features such as content scheduling and version control. Provided thorough training to The Patriot Cleaners’ team members, ensuring they were comfortable using the CMS and its various functionalities. Offered ongoing support and maintenance services to address any issues and facilitate smooth website management.


Streamlined website creation and content updates, reducing the time spent on manual tasks by 40%. Improved collaboration and communication among team members, resulting in more efficient workflows. Enabled The Patriot Cleaners to expand their client base and manage multiple websites without compromising quality or efficiency.
These case studies illustrate how Fuheyo’s web design and development services have helped clients achieve their specific goals, whether it’s implementing a robust booking system and membership feature, generating leads for a local service business, or streamlining website management through a scalable CMS.