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Facebook and Google Ads

Case Study 1: Facebook Ads

Client: Incredible Crush Volleyball


Incredible Crush Volleyball, a Volleyball Academy offering leagues, trainings, private lessons, and court rentals, aimed to increase sales and drive traffic to their online store through Facebook Ads.


1. Audience Targeting: Fuheyo identified the target audience, including volleyball enthusiasts, athletes, and parents of young athletes interested in volleyball training and leagues.
2. Ad Creatives: Fuheyo designed visually appealing ad creatives showcasing the exciting volleyball activities, professional coaching, and state-of-the-art facilities offered by Incredible Crush Volleyball.
3. Ad Placement: Fuheyo strategically placed the ads in the Facebook News Feed, targeting users who were likely to engage with volleyball-related content.
4. Ad Optimization: Fuheyo continuously monitored and optimized the ad campaigns, adjusting targeting, creatives, and ad placements based on performance metrics such as click-through rates and conversions.


Within six months of implementing the SEO strategies:

1. Incredible Crush Volleyball experienced a 50% increase in online store sales within the first two months of the campaign.
2. The Facebook Ads campaign resulted in a 30% increase in league registrations and private lesson bookings.
3. Brand awareness significantly improved, with a 70% increase in social media followers and engagement.

Case Study 2: Google Ads

Client: The Patriot Cleaners


The Patriot Cleaners aimed to gain coverage and increase sales through Google Ads.


1. Keyword Research: Fuheyo conducted thorough keyword research to identify relevant keywords related to dry cleaning services, laundry, and garment care.
2. Ad Copy Optimization: Fuheyo crafted compelling ad copies that highlighted The Patriot Cleaners’ fast turnaround, eco-friendly processes, and exceptional customer service.
3. Location Targeting: Fuheyo utilized geotargeting to focus on potential customers within The Patriot Cleaners’ service area, ensuring maximum reach and relevance.
4. Bid Management: Fuheyo actively managed keyword bids to optimize ad visibility and maximize return on investment (ROI).


1. The Patriot Cleaners experienced a 25% increase in new customers within the first month of the Google Ads campaign.
2. Online sales through the website’s booking platform increased by 40% during the campaign period.
3. The ROI from the Google Ads campaign exceeded expectations, with a 300% increase in revenue compared to the ad spend.

These case studies demonstrate Fuheyo’s expertise in utilizing Facebook Ads and Google Ads to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and achieve measurable results for clients like Incredible Crush Volleyball and The Patriot Cleaners.